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You will certainly feel majestic once you lie down on this 1500 pocket mattress. Features 1500 individually nested pocket springs and offers great value for your money. It will make a great addition to your bedroom or guest room and comes with a unique quilted top panel and border.

The Memory Foam Spring Mattress unit features individual pocket springs which work independently to react to your body’s movement and weight, offering complete support. This pocket sprung mattress is perfect if you are looking for a mattress with cooling properties and a good combination of pressure relief and support. The Memory Foam Spring Mattress core features 1500 individual springs each encapsulated in a fabric pocket, providing a comfortable feel for the mattress.

Thanks to the Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection and hypo-allergenic fillings, this mattress offers resistance against dust mites and bacterial growth for a fresher, healthier sleeping environment.

With 1500 pocket springs, a medium-firm support rating, and tufted for enhanced durability, this mattress provides the ideal balance of comfort and personalised support you need for a well-rested, refreshing night’s sleep.

The individually nested Pocket Springs work independently to make sure that all your body parts are equally supported. The springs contour to your body for absolute comfort.

• 1500 Pocket Spring
• Natural Fillings & Fibres
• Memory Foam
• Non-Reversible
• Mattress Height 10”

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