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The Thunder Race car bed in blue is bold statement for the more daring racer. This car is hot with a grill nestled into the front spoiler and two side scoops. The bulging wings command attention. This model includes a rear spoiler.

Our Luxury car beds have raised sides so you can sleep, safe in the knowledge that your child wont roll out of their bed. The working headlights can be used as a nightlight providing a reassuring glow for your child.

Lightweight, strong, rigid and impact resistant, made from high quality ABS Thermoplastic material ensuring some flexibility. The kids bed is also scratch resistant and has Antibacterial surfaces for easy cleaning. The car bed is easy to assemble and is attached with all appropriate fittings.

Whats included in the thunder kids bed:

Operated via remote control

Built in headlights

Built in red KITT lights

LED lights on the wheels

Built in four tunes.

This car bed is designed to fit a standard UK single size 190 x 90 cm mattress.

Bed Size: 234cm x 128cm x 55cm (L x W x H)